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Presentation Title Presentation Number CME Presenters
When Diabetes, Depression, and Cancer Collide: The Benefits that Physical Activity can Provide A-01 CME Eligible de Groot
Exercise or Drugs: What is the Evidence? A-26 CME Eligible Ioannidis
Identifying Physically Inactive Youth in the Clinical Setting: Vital Signs, Wearables and Future Directions B-21 CME Eligible Mitchell, Smith, Welk, Pate
Tribute to Barbara Drinkwater, Ph.D., FACSM – The Female Athlete Triad and Her Contribution to Women’s Health C-01 CME Eligible Keith, Agostini, Johnson, Loucks
50 Years: Sports Medicine Team Physician and the Anterior Cruciate Ligament C-15 CME Eligible Bergfeld
Culture and Physical Activity of Adults: The Need to Intertwine the Two C-16 CME Eligible Marquez
Effects of Exercise on Vascular Function: In Vivo and In Vitro Perspectives C-17 CME Eligible Brown
Parks and Recreation: An Untapped Solution to Youth Obesity and Physical Activity Disparities C-18 CME Eligible Armstrong
National Athletic Trainers’ Association Exchange Lecture – Blood Biomarkers of Sport-Related Concussion C-31 CME Eligible Asken
Born to Move: The Effect of Evolutionary Mismatch on Biomechanics and Musculoskeletal Health D-28 CME Eligible Davis
American Medical Society for Sports Medicine Exchange Lecture – Economics of Exercise D-30 CME Eligible Carlson
Leadership Matters – An Outlier’s Accidental Journey from Coach to PI to Chancellor D-42 CME Eligible White
Merging Implementation Science and Health Equity Research to Eliminate Youth Physical Activity Disparities D-43 CME Eligible Hasson
Overcoming Disparities in Physical Activity: We Need to Dig Deeper D-44 CME Eligible Whitt-Glover
To Drink or not to Drink: A Drop of Facts in an Ocean of Opinions D-45 CME Eligible Kavouras
About the Sequence of Prevention, Ankle Injuries and Beyond E-01 CME Eligible van Mechelen
The Intersection of Optimizing Human Health, Performance and Longevity: Clinical Sports Nutrition E-12 CME Eligible Rodriguez
American Psychological Association Exchange Lecture – The A.I.R. We Breathe: Advocacy, Inclusion, Representation and the Importance of Attending to Cultural Diversity in the World of Sport A-02 Gunter
Rhabdomyolysis: Could this Athlete have a Metabolic Myopathy or Did they Just Push a Bit Too Hard? B-13 Tarnopolsky
European College of Sport Science Exchange Lecture – Exercise and Health: Molecular Aspects C-14 Powers, Pedersen
Standing up for Sports Nutrition in the Age of Scienciness C-32 Burke
The Evaluation of the Spine in a Sports Medicine Back and Spine Clinic Practice Setting A-03 CME Eligible Hasan, Lee
High-Intensity Interval Training in Health and Disease: New Insights and Emerging Perspectives A-04 CME Eligible Gibala, MacDonald, Little, Moholdt, Heisz
Implementing and Evaluating the Physical Activity Vital Sign and Exercise is Medicine in 4 Healthcare Systems across the US A-05 CME Eligible Joy, Linke, Shook, Asif, Denay
CAQ Review Session (Part 1) A-06 CME Eligible Fischer, Vincent, Pothast, Novak, Vincent, Gordon
Implementing Advanced Vision Research in a Modern Sports Medicine Team A-07 CME Eligible Cunningham, Goodstein, West, Smithson, Womble
Examination of the Knee A-12 CME Eligible Magnes, Hutchinson
A Call to Action: The Need for Adult Post-Bariatric Surgery Exercise Recommendations A-13 CME Eligible Pescatello, Manuel
Management of Acute Sports-Related Finger, Hand and Wrist Injuries and Fractures A-15 CME Eligible Denay, Riederer, Northway
Mastering the Knee Exam for Clinicians in Training Utilizing Exam Checklist A-16 CME Eligible Ryan, Sedgley
Exercise and Dementia: Current Evidence and Opportunities in Prevention and Treatment A-17 CME Eligible Petrella, Lautenschlager, Boa Sorte Silva, Liu-Ambrose, Nagamatsu
Exercise Intensity Prescription for Health and Performance: How Close (or how Far) Are We from Getting it Right? A-18 CME Eligible Pogliaghi, Keir, Murias, Boone
CAQ Review Session (Part 2) A-19 CME Eligible Zaremski, Rizzone, Chang, Stracciolini, Tenforde
Active Transportation Advocacy for Health Equity and Climate during Covid-19 A-23 CME Eligible Wojcik, MatthewsParr
Evidence-based Office Concussion Physical Examination A-25 CME Eligible Leddy
The Global Health and Economic Burden of Physical Inactivity B-04 CME Eligible Joy, Katzmarzyk, Ding, Matthews
The Crossover Athlete: Historical and Ethical Considerations When Athletes with Impairments Compete with Able-Bodied Athletes B-08 CME Eligible Chang, Willick, Blauwet, Fliess Douer, Runyan
The Pediatric Athlete in the 21st Century From Injury to Prevention B-09 CME Eligible Stracciolini, Ireland, Smith, Faigenbaum, Micheli
The Weight of Gold: Challenging the Stigma Around Athlete Mental Health B-10 CME Eligible Blauwet, Hainline, Putukian, Swartz, Mountjoy
Exercise and Medications in the Treatment of the Metabolic Syndrome B-14 CME Eligible Mora-Rodriguez, Ortega
Zebras Within the Herd: When Nerve Pain Presents like a Musculoskeletal Complaint-Part 2 B-17 CME Eligible Susmarski, Lewno, Hu
Keeping Up with the Joneses: Examining Evidence Behind Popular Treatments B-18 CME Eligible Vincent, Manini, Hall, Heiderscheit, Miles
Exercise Conditioning Programmes for Cardio-Metabolic Health in People with Mobility-Related Disabilities B-20 CME Eligible Bilzon, Ladlow, Fisher, Maher
Hiding in Plain Sight: Sexual Violence in Sport B-22 CME Eligible Joy, Roberts, Flatt, Judge, Scott Koontz
Exercise for Lower Extremity Osteoarthritis: A Translational Approach from Bench to Bedside B-23 CME Eligible Vincent, Vincent
ACSM/NASS Colloquium: Why Does My Arm Hurt and Tingle? Differentiating Cervical Radiculopathy From Other Causes B-27 CME Eligible McMullen, Herring
How do YOU Power Aerobic Exercise? B-28 CME Eligible Poole
Exercise is Medicine: Use of Step Counts in the Promotion of Health and in the Treatment of Musculoskeletal Disorders B-29 CME Eligible Ihm, Lin, Tomas
Integrating EIM into Health Care: Canadian Perspectives B-33 CME Eligible Fowles, Culos-Reed, Capozzi, Nagpal
Contemporary Management of Pediatric ACL Injuries: Individualizing Treatment by Patient Age and Gender B-36 CME Eligible Rizzone, Carter, Christino, Queen
In Search of Longevity: METs versus MEDs B-39 CME Eligible Kokkinos, Myers
Role of Exercise in Concussion Diagnosis and Treatment B-41 CME Eligible Worts, Haider
Breaking Down Silos: A Multi-Sectoral Perspective Toward Integrating Exercise into Clinical Care B-43 CME Eligible Pojednic, Kennedy, Bantham, Phillips, Kalousek
The Role of Exercise during and after Childhood Cancer Treatment B-44 CME Eligible Edvardsen, Brügmann-Pieper, Fridh, Grydeland, Ness, Scott
Physiology of Concussion: Implications for Diagnosis, Prognosis and Management B-49 CME Eligible Leddy, Master, Howell, Grady
“When East Meets West” Cutting-edge Sports Medicine in Asia B-50 CME Eligible Yung, Hui, Lau, Alenabi
Exercise is Medicine: Promoting Physical Activity for Older Adults in Multiple in Pandemic Times C-02 CME Eligible Rogers, Denison
Scale-up, Implementation, and Adaptation: Opportunities for Exercise is Medicine in Dissemination and Implementation Science C-03 CME Eligible Estabrooks
Utilizing the Outdoors to Get People Active C-04 CME Eligible Battista, Zarr
Preparing for a Safe Olympic and Paralympic Games During COVID-19 C-09 CME Eligible Blauwet, Mountjoy, Finnoff, McClosky
Prevention Of Abuse and Harassment in Sport: How To Safeguard the Athletes’ Mental and Physical Health C-10 CME Eligible Mountjoy, Bermon, Timpka, Hartill, Adami
Journey to a Culture of Activity C-12 CME Eligible Trukowski, Wittig
One-on-One, Exercise Program in Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer Survivors with a Personal Trainer (EPICS Train) C-13 CME Eligible Keith, Renbarger
Emergency Action Planning C-25 CME Eligible Sedgley, Lincoln, Hudson, Huffman
Spinal Cord Management in Atypical Sports Scenarios C-34 CME Eligible Ryan, Hudson
Exertional Injuries: Overview, Prevention, Treatment and RTP for Heat Stroke, ECAST and Exertional Rhabdomyolysis C-38 CME Eligible Kane, DeGroot, Nye, O’Connor
Black Lives Matter: Social Medicine for Sports Medicine Clinicians C-42 CME Eligible Barkley
Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing: Utility and Interpretation D-01 CME Eligible Kraus
Let’s Talk Patellofemoral Problems D-02 CME Eligible West, Cosgarea, Tanaka
Evidence Based Prevention of Illness Associated with Long-haul Travel in Elite Athletes: “Sorting the Wheat from the Chaff” D-06 CME Eligible Derman, Meyer, Janse Van Rensburg, Webborn
IOC Consensus Statement on Injury and Illness Surveillance: How to Apply this Framework to your Clinical Skill Set D-08 CME Eligible Mountjoy, Bahr, Schwellnus, Emery
Considerations for Inclusion of Transgender Athletes in Competitive Sport D-11 CME Eligible Ackerman, Harper, Angadi
Let’s Talk Shoulder – Part 1 D-15 CME Eligible Hutchinson, Kibler, Plancher, McFarland
Case Studies in Sports Nutrition D-16 CME Eligible Clark, Baker, Madigan
Dermatology Potpourii D-17 CME Eligible Adams
The Aging Athletes Knee: How to Keep Grandma Running on her own Knees D-23 CME Eligible Hutchinson, Plancher, Yancopoulos, DeMatteis
Helping Athletes Cope with New Realities D-24 CME Eligible Anderson
Overuse Injuries in Cycling: Recognition and Management D-25 CME Eligible Paluska
Dry Needling D-26 CME Eligible Hong, Thomas
Let’s Talk Shoulder – Part 2 D-27 CME Eligible Hutchinson, Kibler, Plancher, McFarland
Cannabis in 2021: What Does the Evidence Show D-31 CME Eligible Konin
Examination of the Foot and Ankle D-32 CME Eligible Ross, Dutra
Chronic Exertional Compartment Syndrome: Unravelling the Diagnostic and Treatment Enigma D-35 CME Eligible Nye, Miller, Zimmermann, Baria, Walrod
Change is Afoot in the Management of Lateral Ankle Sprains and Chronic Ankle Instability! D-39 CME Eligible Fraser, Hoch
Hip-related Pain: Where are We Now? An Update from the 1st International Hip Pain Research Network Consensus Meeting D-40 CME Eligible Mosler, Lewis
Training is Over-Now What? Practical Management Pearls for the Trainee in Musculoskeletal and Sports Medicine D-41 CME Eligible Zaremski, Ackerman, Hrubes, Jones, Dexter
American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine Exchange Lecture – Hip Arthroscopy in the Athlete in 2021 E-11 CME Eligible Safran
Youth Running: An Evidence Based Approach to Preventing Injury E-14 CME Eligible Tenforde, Roberts, Krabak, Rauh
Update on Exertional Leg Pain in the Athlete E-15 CME Eligible Hryvniak, Wilder
Meniscus Update: New Research Models and Clinical Pearls E-18 CME Eligible Gordon, West, Onishi, Fu
Sports Medicine Considerations for the Equestrian Athlete E-20 CME Eligible Ryan, Lin, Hudson, Turner
Team Physician Consensus Conference Update E-22 CME Eligible Putukian, Herring, Kibler
Performing a Medically Based Gait Analysis for Runners: Applying Methods to Sample Patients E-24 CME Eligible Vincent, Vincent
To 3-D Scan or Plaster Cast: That is the Question E-25 CME Eligible Ross
Make America Fit Again: Completing the JFK Challenge A-08 Davis, Jones, Ratey, Asaro
Skin Wettedness in Thermoregulation A-09 Schlader, Jay, Havenith, Filingeri, Vargas
The Immune Response to Exercise: Therapeutic Advances and Potential Mechanisms with Implications for Human Health Across the Lifespan A-10 Simpson, Radom-Aizik, Hong, Woods
Creating Inclusive Environments in Exercise Science Education A-11 Stenson, Fischer, Hinchley
Cardiac Preconditioning and Exercise-Induced (Mal)adaptations to Exercise: Clinical Implications A-14 Quindry, Franklin
Dietary Nitrate and Exercise in Clinical Populations A-20 Coggan, Allen, Woessner, Hirai
Lactate As A Signaling Molecule A-22 Brooks, Hashimoto, Stanford, Deberardinis
Advancing the Field of Clinical Exercise Physiology: The Clinical Revolution A-24 Ozemek, Overstreet
Competing with Cancer: Athletes Share their Stories B-01 Schmitz, O’Riordan, Helmrich
Is there a Pattern to Help the Breathless Athlete? B-02 Clemm, Dickinson
New Findings on the Science of Pacing in Physical Activity and Sport Performance B-03 Raglin, Williams, Hettinga, Menting, Stoter, Micklewright
Impact of High Altitude Exposure on Metabolic Fuel Use during Aerobic Exercise B-05 Young, Berryman, Griffiths, O’Hara, Margolis
Modern Statistical Approaches For Improved Analysis of Neuromechanical Data: Applications and Fundamental Principles B-06 Seeley, Evans-Pickett, Page, Hopkins
Move it! Exercise Prescription to Improve Health Outcomes in Diseased Populations B-07 Eijsvogels, Bakker, Nes, Lavie, Buffart
Assessment of Respiratory Muscle Work: Tools for Success B-11 Duke, Cross
Prescribing Endurance Training From Physiological Tests B-12 Jones
Can we Delay the Progression of the Signs of Parkinson’s Disease? The Dose-Response SPARX3 Clinical Trial B-15 Bamman, Corcos
Exercise Oncology Trials in the Time of COVID19: A Framework B-16 Schmitz, Thraen-Borowski
Big Data or Small Data? Moving Toward a New Data Paradigm for Exercise Science B-19 Fulton, Ashley, Hekler, James,
Cancer: Tumor Progression B-24 Schmitz, RyeomSchadler
Stroke / Cerebrovascular Disease B-25 GregoryPloughman
Exercise and the Immune Response to Viral Infections: COVID-19 and Beyond B-26 Simpson
What’s New in the 11th Edition of ACSM’s Guidelines for Exercise Testing and Prescription B-31 Erickson, Conroy, Ligibel, Marquez, Liguori
Exercise is Medicine in Oncology: From Vision to Reality B-32 Schmitz, Stout, Schwartz, Campbell, Sokolof
Neurodegenerative Disease I: Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s Disease B-34 Motl, Yong, Sandroff, Lavin
Commemorating the Research Accomplishments of Dr. Henry Montoye and his 40+ years Studying Physical Activity and Health B-35 Montoye, Pivarnik, Pfeiffer, Howley, Ji
Exercise Management of Cardiovascular Risk in Cancer Populations B-37 Brubaker, Kirkham, Haykowsky, Oh
Mitochondrial Metabolic Control: Studies Using Experimental and Computational Model Approaches B-38 Glancy, Willis, Kuzmiak-Glancy, Bazil
Critical Updates for the Exercise Professional: Updates to Academic Accreditation, Eligibility Requirements, and Legislation B-40 Ward-Ritacco, Neric, Thompson
Exercise and Medications in the Treatment of CVD Risk Factors B-42 Malin, Pescatello, Thyfault, Konopka
Exercise is Muscle Mitochondrial Medicine B-45 Tarnopolsky, Hood, Pilegaard, Powers
Neurodegenerative Disease II: Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia B-46 Burns, De Miguel, Cortes, van Praag
Beyond Carbs: The Role of Protein and Fat in the Promotion of Exercise Adaptation B-47 Phillips, Sale, Burke, Mittendorfer
How did we Get Here? The Impact of Systemic Racism on our Work B-48 Keith, Canady, Hasson, Crespo, Sallis
Environmental Pollution, Climate Change and Human Health C-05 Bermon, Cramer, Trbovich, Hospers, Viana, Castaño-Vinyals, Adami
Cardiovascular Aging and Remodeling C-06 Quindry, Pierce, Barnes, Rosenzweig
Exosomes and Skeletal Muscle Intercellular Communications C-07 Bamman, Gavin, Boppart, Kramer-Albers, McCarthy, Hubal
Innovations in Training-Induced Neuroplasticity: What can we Learn for Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation? C-08 Baumeister, Bonnette, Skjaeret-Maroni, Grooms
Exercise-Drug Interaction: Metformin C-19 Buford, Miller, Peterson
Strategy for Implementing Cardiorespiratory Fitness as a Routine Measure in Clinical Settings C-20 Myers, Ross
Update on ACSM Pronouncements: New Processes and New Papers C-21 Miles, Deschenes, Craft
The Aging Neuromuscular System and the Protective Effects of Physical Activity C-22 Hunter, Smith, Sundberg, Richardson
Understanding Breathlessness During Exercise: Mechanisms and Consequences C-23 Stickland, Jensen, Bhammar, Dominelli
Metabolic Disease C-24 Goodpaster, Hevener, Sparks, Hess
Exercise during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Perspectives from Public Health, Healthcare, and Exercise Science C-26 Fulton, Sallis, Galuska, Joy, Lee
From Hummingbirds to Humans: The Pleiotropic Roles of Beta-Alanine and Increased Carnosine for Exercise and Health C-27 Sale, Rawson, Dolan, Saunders, Hoffman
Basic/Translational Science of Regenerative Medicine and Rehabilitation for Musculoskeletal Use – Part 1 C-28 Best, Pearce, March, Mautner, Noonan
Regenerative Rehabilitation: Physical Medicine Meets Stem Cell Therapeutics C-29 Ambrosio
Active in the Heartland: Data and Strategies for Rural America C-30 Abildso, Umstattd Meyer, Whitfield
Making It Happen: Evidence from Real Cancer Exercise Programs C-33 Schmitz, Wonders, Stravitz
Basic/Translational Science of Regenerative Medicine and Rehabilitation for Musculoskeletal Use – Part 2 C-35 Ambrosio, Glatt, Szczesny, Flanagan, Ambrosio
Molecular Discoveries from the NIH MoTrPAC Preclinical Exercise Projects C-36 Bodine, Evans, Sanford, Beltran, Gay, Dalton
Emerging Issues in Physical Activity during the Early Years (0 to 5 yrs.) C-37 Pate, Ward, Okely, Willis, Robinson, Alhassan
Responses to Environmental Challenges for Women C-39 Alexander, Giersch, Stachenfeld, Alba, Giersch, Sims
The Role of Diet in Athlete Bone Health C-40 Sale, Burke, Owens, Kohrt
Training Load Monitoring of Distance Runners: New Thoughts on an Old Problem C-41 Davis, Paquette, Stellingwerff, Girard
Exercise to Increase Muscle Mass in Cancer Has Been Ineffective: Here’s why and what we can do about it C-43 Fairman
The PaleoKetoVeganMacroFasting Diet: Stop the Madness! C-44 Arent
Skeletal Muscle Fiber Phenotype in Obesity: Can it be Modified by Exercise to the Extent that Impacts Disease? D-03 Cartee, Houmard, Katsanos
WAVE Ripples for Change: Sport Nutrition as a ‘Carrot’ to Promote Healthy Eating/Life-long PA to Active Youths D-04 Manore, Schuna, Patton-Lopez
ACSM Media Spokesperson Session: Crafting Your Message to Advocate for Change D-05 Parr, Ward, Fulton
Harnessing Placebo and Avoiding Nocebo in Sports and Exercise: Novel Understanding of the Neurobiological Mechanisms of Placebo and Nocebo Effects D-07 Saunders, O’Connor, Raglin, Colloca, Beedie
Sex Matters in Performance: The Female of the Species is Stronger than the Male D-09 Hunter, Howatson, Ansdell, Thomas, Ross
Stepping into a New Decade: Healthy People 2030 Directions for Physical Activity, Health, and Well-Being for the Nation D-10 Pate, Pronk, Piercy, Omura, Watson, Buchner
Physical Activity and Diet: Optimizing Combination Care in Cancer Control D-12 Schmitz, Rogers, Iyengar
The Art and Science of a Bike Fit D-13 Cyr, Nicola, Ascher
The Compatibility of Endurance and Strength Training: Old Myths, New Science and Practical Applications D-14 Schumann, Lundberg
Exercise Recommendations for Cancer Patients with Bone Metastases from International Expert Consensus Panel: How they were Developed and How to use Them D-18 Campbell, Higano, Rosenberger
Macronutrients and Muscle Protein Turnover During Weight Loss D-19 Fisher, Phillips, Pasiakos, Baum
Eligibility of Individuals with a Difference of Sex Development (DSD) in Elite Female Sports D-20 Keith, Lambelet Coleman, Auchus, Levine, Bermon,
Leveraging Electronic and Mobile Health Technology to Promote Physical Activity among Racial/Ethnic Minorities D-21 Marquez, Marcus, Pekmezi, Joseph
Now is the Time to Take Care of Our Deep-seated Problem D-22 Taylor, Barkley, Hunt, Sharon David, Poudevigne
Advocacy 101 for ACSM Members: Current Legislation and Best Practices D-29 Bopp, Stevens, McDonald, Ward
Military Human Performance Optimization and Injury Prevention: International Perspectives D-33 Nindl, Greeves, Groeller, Nindl, Kyröläinen
Novel Dietary Approaches to Appetite Regulation, Health, and Performance D-34 Volpe, Betts, Gonzalez, Hall, Varady
Physical Activity among People with Disabilities: Lost in Translation D-36 Heath, Lai, Martin Ginis, Rimmer
The Implications of COVID-19 on Cardiac Rehabilitation: The Need to Accelerate Provision of Non-Traditional Approaches D-38 Ewing Garber, Berry, Duran, Mola
Carbs, Calories, or Quality? What Matters Most for Weight Control E-02 Hall
Your Emotional Brain: Neuroplasticity, Injury-Related Fear, and Traumatic Knee Injury E-03 Baez
Capitol-ize on Career Development: A Fireside Chat with Health Professionals B-40b Werner, Vasold, Keen
COVID-19: Implications for Physical Activity, Health Disparities and Health Equity E-05 Sallis, Coleman, Kaushal, Nocera
The Genetic Control of Physical Activity: From Molecules to Application E-06 Lightfoot, Ferguson, de Geus, Peterson, Bray
4th Trimester [postnatal training]: When and how to Return? E-07 Sale, Elliott-Sale, Artal
Impact of Lifestyle Modification and Sex on Endothelial Function and Arterial Stiffness E-08 Malin, Brown, Moreau, Lennon, Padilla
The Value of Movement Assessment Technology in the Clinic and Real World: Application to Running Injuries and ACL Rehabilitation E-09 Sigward, Willy
Stress Testing in the COVID Era E-10 Gervino, Pepe, Mehrotra, Wadhera, Allison, Olson
2011-2014 Accelerometer-Derived Physical Activity Estimates of U.S. Children and Adults E-13 Troiano, Wolff-Hughes, Belcher
Cardiac Function: Beyond Cardiac Output and VO2max E-16 MacDonald, Haykowsky, Levine, Stohr, Howden, LaGerche, Cornwell
Friends and Enemies of Physiological Resilience under Extreme Conditions E-17 Quindry, Coker, Ruby
NIH Training and Career Development Funding Opportunities for Students and Early Career Investigators E-19 Wolff-Hughes, Belcher, Mudd, Boyce
The Importance of Energy Flux for Body Weight Regulation E-21 Sayer, Melby, Bergouignan, Hopkins, Hill
Bringing Everyone Back to the Game: The Importance of Youth Sports Post-COVID-19 E-23 Pfeiffer, Keith, Piercy, Farrey

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